Late and Missing Work

workStudents who start at HCPHS late in the semester without a transfer grade or who have a failing transfer grade are responsible for gathering their missing work and completing it. Student will ask their teachers for their classwork assignment when they are absent. Teachers will provide each missing assignment to the student ONE TIME. Make-up work will be accepted until five (5) days after the excused absence. Extensions may rarely be given to students who have excused absences or who transfer into HCPHS very close to the cutoff dates at teacher discretion.

Teachers will generally provide a few assignments at a time in order to avoid overwhelming students. When those assignments are returned, additional assignments will be given. In most situations missing assignments will be provided at the end of the class period. Make-up work WILL NOT be provided for students who are in class but refuse to do an assignment. If a student sleeps during class, refuses to do work in class, or leaves class without permission; then the student will receive NO CREDIT for that class assignment and it can not be completed as Late work. Students are NOT permitted to interrupt current instruction to collect work; nor are they permitted to collect work and then leave the building. This includes stopping by a classroom at an unassigned time other than passing period.

late missing work policy
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