Graduation Requirements

graduateStudents must earn 41 credits in order to obtain a high school diploma. Students who enroll at HCPHS during their freshman year will have an opportunity to earn 64-plus credits during a four-year period.

To receive a diploma, a student must satisfy all requirements outlined by the State Board of Education, as well as those specified by the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.

Each student must complete one option from each of the three areas outlined in the Pathways:

Pathway part 1 – Students must complete the course requirements of one of the following:

GENERAL DIPLOMA credit requirements:
8 credits in Language Arts
6 credits in social studies (2 U.S. History, 2 Elective Social Studies, 1 U.S. Gov., 1 Econ or Personal Finance)
6 credits in mathematics (2 Algebra I & 4 additional courses - two of which may be qualitative reasoning courses)
4 credits in science (2 Biology, and 2 additional science courses) 1 credit in health
3 credits in physical education
7 credits in elective classes
6 credits in pathway classes (unless part 3 of pathway is obtained another way)

*For a general diploma, students with an IEP may replace the two elective social studies courses with general electives, and are only required to obtain 2 PE credits, for a total of 40 credits.

CORE 40 DIPLOMA credit requirements:
8 credits in Language Arts
6 credits in social studies (2 U.S. History, 2 Geography/History of the World., 1 U.S. Gov., 1 Econ.)
6 credits in mathematics (2 Algebra I, 2 Geometry, and 2 Algebra II)
6 credits in science (2 Biology, 4 additional higher-level science courses) 1 credit in health
5 credits in elective classes
6 credits in pathway classes (unless part 3 of pathway is obtained another way)

Pathway part 2 – Learn and demonstrate employability skills. Students must complete one of the following:
• Completion of a project-based learning experience;
• Completion of a service-based learning experience;
• Completion of a work-based learning experience.

Pathway part 3 – Demonstrate one of the following Postsecondary-Ready Competencies:
• Honors diploma: Fulfill all requirements of either the Academic or Technical Honors diploma;
• ACT: Earn the college-ready benchmark scores;
• SAT: Earn the college-ready benchmarks scores;
• Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB): Earn at least a minimum Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score to qualify for placement into one of the branches of the US military;
• State- and Industry-recognized Credential or Certification;
• State-, Federal-, or Industry-recognized Apprenticeship;
• Career-Technical Education Concentrator: Earn a C average or higher in at least six (6) high school credits in a career sequence;
• AP/International Baccalaureate/Dual Credit/Cambridge International courses or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams: Earn a C average or higher in at least three (3) courses;
• Locally created pathway that earns the approval of the State Board of Education by meeting its framework.

If students are not able to complete any of the postsecondary-ready competencies, a waiver may be available. There is not a waiver for the diploma criteria, nor the employability skills requirement.

To qualify for a waiver from the postsecondary-readiness competencies, a student will have been unsuccessful in completing a postsecondary-readiness competency requirement by the conclusion of their senior year. This includes:

1. A student who was in the process of completing a competency at one school that was not offered by the school to which the student transferred; and

2. A student who has attempted to achieve at least three separate postsecondaryreadiness competencies.

Each attempt must be done in good faith and as a true potential demonstration of achievement.

If a student transfers from a non-accredited public-school, a school out of state, or a school out of the country during their senior year, that student must demonstrate at least one unsuccessful attempt of a postsecondary-readiness competency to qualify for a waiver.

Waiver: To receive a waiver, the student must:
1 Maintain at least a “C” average, or its equivalent, throughout the student’s high school career in courses comprising credits required for the student to graduate:

2 Maintain a school attendance rate of at least 95% with excused absences not counting against the student’s attendance;

3 Satisfy all other state and local graduation requirements beyond the postsecondary-readiness competency requirements, including all diploma and employability skills requirements; and

4 Demonstrate postsecondary planning (Options include):
a. College acceptance
b. Acceptance in an occupational training program
c. Workforce entry
d. Military enlistment

Satisfying the waiver conditions will be approved by the principal of the student’s school.

Special Education students should consult with their Teacher of Record in order to determine graduation requirements.

For additional information about graduation requirements, see the guidance counselor, Mrs. South.
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