Disciplinary Consequences
Students who choose to be non-compliant with school expectations may receive disciplinary consequences, including, but not limited to lunch detention, class suspension, Alternative Education Assignment (AEA), suspension, or expulsion. Skipping a lower level consequence ie: (lunch detention, class suspension) will result in a higher level consequence (ie:full day of AEA, suspension, etc). Refusal to comply with Supervision Room rules may also result in a higher level of disciplinary consequence.

Supervision Room (SR) Rules
Students must be compliant with Supervision Room rules and staff directions. Failure to comply may result in higher level consequences such as removal from school. Students assigned to the SR, should bring all necessary materials, and use the restroom prior to reporting on time. Restroom breaks are taken as a group and only at assigned times. Students assigned to lunch detention should bring their lunch trays with them within the first 10 minutes of the lunch period. In order to avoid consequences, only students scheduled for the SR may enter the area.

Sign in at the desk when you arrive.
Turn in personal phone(s) to the supervising staff member.
Stay seated quietly in your assigned seat, facing toward the desk.
Use school electronics for school assignments only.
Sign out at the desk when you are dismissed.

Alternative Education Assignment (AEA)
When students are assigned to AEA, it is an opportunity to still be at school with access to teachers and school resources. Work will be provided to students in AEA and students must complete this work in order to avoid a zero for that day’s classes. (Refer to Late Work Policy on page 12). Under certain circumstances, students who are assigned a full day of AEA may be released back to classes for good behavior and/or completion of assigned work, depending on the violation and on administrator discretion.

Suspension & Expulsion
Suspension and expulsion are a physical removal of a student from all EVSC properties and events. Violation of this procedure may result in a legal charge of trespass. Students who are removed from property may continue with their school work at home. Teacher emails and Google classrooms are accessible from home through an internet connection. Students have a limited time after returning to school to make up any work not completed while removed from school property. The parents of a student recommended for expulsion will be given an opportunity for a conference with the student and a district assigned examiner. The examiner makes a final determination regarding the expulsion request from the school administrator.

Legal Consequences are separate from school consequences. Criminal behavior will be subject to law enforcement action. A student may face both legal and school consequences depending on the severity of the charges involved.
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